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translation missing: en.All income will be transferred to the Three Rivers Art Project, an non-profit organization founded by Jacob Elbaz, whose goal is to promote artists in their early stages: All income will be transferred to the Three Rivers Art Project, an non-profit organization founded by Jacob Elbaz, whose goal is to promote artists in their early stages

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Jerusalem is highly familiar to most audiences in the world given its history and spiritual significance. An artist seeking inspiration for a Jerusalem drawing or photo finds it all too easy to tie in the profane subject of his craft to a historical site. However, the weight of imagination and familiarity can be a burden as well as a blessing, driving each artist to spin a new interpretation on this timeless city, and astound the world with something never seen before.


Perhaps no artist has gone so far as Pre-Raphaelite English painter Holman Hunt in the quest for a perfect image. In an act of religious insanity, he decided to position a live goat inside the Dead Sea to symbolize the scapegoat that was sent into the desert in repentance of the sins of the people of Israel on Yom Kippur during the times of the Temple. After hours of painting, the goat eventually died. Hunt replaced it with a second goat and continued to buy new ones until he was satisfied with his painting, several days later.


The artists displaying their Jerusaelm photos and artistic footage do not (usually) go that far in the search of a perfect Jerusalem photo. Instead, disavowing perfection they reveal the human landscape of the eternal city and the contrast and juxtapoisiton between the sacred and the profane. Other artists use Jerusalem Acrylic to decipt not Jerusalem as it merely is, but Jerusalem as it might and could be.


Jerusalem mixed media


Jerusalem is a simmering stew of religious, national and ideological strife and coexistence. Is it any wonder that it lends itself so well to Jerusalem mix media collages? By re-coloring and hand gilding Jerusalem press footage and / or Jerusalem stock footage, a mixed media Jerusaelm collage is generated which captures the spirit of this unique city. Jerusalem press footage is generated in an almost constant stream as current events unfold and the city dtruggles to fulfill its promise. Jerusalem stock footage relies on both the iconic and the mundane images the city presents to the world.  


Jerusalem acrylic paint


Older artists such as 19th-century English artist and illustrator Edward Lear mixed their own paints, in order to achieve the desired color and thickness, enabling them to presente a dusky, desert-tinted view of Jerusalem, tinged with an air of nostalgia.

With modern techniques appearance, hardness, flexibility, texture, and other characteristics of the surface of Jerusalem acrylic paintings can be modifyied by selecting the proper acrylic mediums or simply by adding water. Jerusalem acrylic paintings thereby contain a far greater range than old style watercolor and oil paintings . Acrylics have the ability to bond to many different surfaces, and mediums can be used to modify their binding characteristics. Also Acrylics can be used on paper, canvas and a range of other materials. Many of the artists in the Three Rivers Art Project have created Jerusalem acrylic paintings exploring these possibilities, often offering entirely different perspectives on either classic Jerusalem paintings or modern Jerusalem photos.