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Jerusalem Mix media

Pictures from Jerusalem

For Jews, Jerusalem is the "Rock of Ages" the foundation of their ancient covenant with the Lord. For Christians Jerusalem is the site of the crucifixation and, at least for medieval cartographers, the center of the world. And for Muslims it is the site of the ascension of the Prophet Muhamad for Paradise.


Is it any wonder, therefore, that pictures of Jerusalem and the Land of Israel have been an endless source of wonder and inspiration for artists of different creeds, times and points of reference?


The ancient artists in some way had it easier as they were free to let their imagination run rampant, drawing a picture of Jerusalem as the site of the scenes of the life of Jesus Christ  without troubling themselves with the actual landscape, natural or manmade. Such is the picture of Jerusalem by a young, 17th-century French artist named Poussin. He accepted a commission to paint a picture of the destruction of the Temple and city of Jerusalem. This picture of Jerusalem was presented as a gift to Cardinal Richelieu, who at the time was the most powerful man in France.


Photos of Jerusalem

Modern artists and photopgraphers, particularly photographers from Jerusalem have it harder. They, and the entire world, have seen the city on the news. If the photographer is from Jerusualem, then he has walked its streets with his own two feet. Familiarity may not breed contempt but it does constrain the imagination – unless the photographer possesses the inner eye needed to find new interpetations and nuances in the pictures from Jerusalem he shares with us. Then, the light shines from the photo of Jerusalem. Then, the spirit which has animated the pictures of Jerusalem throughout the ages touches upon the audience of these photos from Jerusalem and leaves them, with a lasting impression.


Unique pictures of Jerusalem

Such lasting images can be glimpsed in the Hudson Gallery of the Three Rivers Art Project. The insigtful photographs from Jerusalem by Jacob Elbaz, are supplemented by the political photos of Jersualem by Merav Kadosh. Seeking the human within the transcedndental, and the transcendental within the human the artists of the Three Rivers Art Project offer something genuinely new and innovative.