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Three Rivers Art Project, A non-profit organization founded by Jacob Elbaz, whose goal is to promote young artists and art in the periphery in particular, based in the Upper Galilee. The association includes members of Kibbutz Sde Nehemia (Upper Galilee), business professionals, and people with an affinity to the art world in Israel and abroad who are willing to contribute their time and training to the cause.

Parallel to the Three Rivers Association, which operates in Israel, there is another organization that operates in Hudson, New York. The two organizations work in cooperation with various Jewish organizations, synagogues, regional councils, etc. to raise funds and provide financial and social support to enable the development of the new project.

Plans for this project also include a residency program that will bring artists from both Israel and abroad to the Galilee and offer them the opportunity to live and work in a supportive, inspirational environment.  Artists will be encouraged and given incentives to remain in the area, thereby enhancing the cultural reputation of the Galilee as a haven for artists who are looking for an alternative to the urban art scene.

Artists of all races and religions will be eligible to participate in this program and the profit from the sale of art will be shared between the artist and the organization. Most importantly, the organization will not only provide support to artists, it will also strengthen the art and cultural heritage in the Northern Galilee.