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Collection: Vladi Kuntsman

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Vladi Kuntsman is an Israeli architect and photographer, whose main motto is to unearth visual music and intimations offered by World of City Artefacts in their encoded language.

Kuntsman graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Construction (SpbGASU); he also studied at the St. Petersburg elective course with Dr. V.S. Antoshenkov on 3D Art Composition.

Having worked as an architect in St Petersburg for almost two decades, in 1990,  Kuntsman moved to Tel Aviv, Israel, where he continued his career as an architect.

In the late 1990s, Kuntsman became involved in art photography, and since then exhibited his works widely. His photo art was published in magazines The Architecture of Israel, The World of Photography, and in the “Art and Culture” supplement of the leading Russian-Israeli newspaper, Vesty. Today, some of Vladi Kuntsman’s works can be found in private collections in Russia, Finland, USA, England, and Israel.

Some of his exhibitions include:

KuntsmaNU: City sketches. Personal exhibition, House of Besarabian Jews, Tel Aviv - 1998.

City corners.  Personal exhibition. Sharon Regional Council, Netania, Israel - 1999.

Impressions All Israel exhibition. Benianey Ha-Uma, Jerusalem - 2001

Four men and a camera.  Group exhibition. Dizengoff Gallery, Tel-Aviv -2002.

2 Odessa International Photosalon. Odessa – 2003.

First Digital Photo exhibition. Municipality Gallery, Netania, Israel - 2004

Kontrapunkt.  Personal exhibition of art portraits. Teena Gallery, Jerusalem – 2005

Lost Urban Artifacts. Personal apartment exhibition. Tel Aviv - 2007

In A Far, Far Away Kingdom.  Group exhibition. Skizza Gallery, Jerusalem – 2009

Annual charity exhibitions. Bank Hapoalim Gallery, Tel Aviv – 2011_2015

Urbanisms. Personal apartment exhibition. Tel Aviv - 2016

70 artists celebrating 70 years for Israel. Hudson Gallery 711 Warren st. NY- 2018

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Old\new collision
Wheel collisions
Parking collision
Up\down trance