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Collection: Micha Shtigman

Micha Shtigman

 The work of "Nico in the Garden of Guru": An attempt to observe the environment and what is happening there from the point of view of a six-year-old girl. How she sees things from her eye level. From talking to her, the experience is quite different from the height of a mature person.

The second work: "Masquerade Ball," is part of a body of works that examines the meaning of observing and being present behind a mask. All the characters we take on and live by without bringing the pure nuclear" being" we came with before we piled on all the characters.

 The small works are a motion recording that was frozen in time. It's simple

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An Indian queen
Blue bird with a head
Masquerade Ball (diptych)
Nico in the Garden of Guru (diptych)
Flamenco dancers
A meeting